Monday, March 28, 2011

Happiness is...

  • Practice on the 6 word happiness model:
  • Husband making vegetable curry for family
  • Having dental insurance to fill cavity
  • Two parents alive and well to call
  • A job, a paycheck, and car
  • Two amazing children who love me
  • A dog who needs only love
  • A sister who makes me laugh
  • Friends who stand by me always
  • People who truly care about kids
  • A boss who understands family needs
  • Dancing with the Stars and daughter
  • A comfy bed which calls me...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crying...over what exactly?

So imagine this...

You are in a public meeting of your peers, boss and strangers. Afterwards, instead of leaving gracefully with a smile and Queen Elizabeth wave, you decide, stupidly, "this is the moment to confront a colleague about a superficial but nagging issue."

Suddenly, Madame pre-Menopause, full moon, PMS crazy karma-pathetic-child-within-alter-ego decides it is time to cry...and cry and cry (Did I say this peer is a man and you are a woman? Should not matter, but GDI in our society we know it does).

Poor, poor bewildered colleague. "WTF?" he thinks, while nodding and trying to slowly back away gracefully. Others approach meanwhile and suddenly back off like they touched a hot stove. "Oh, I see.." they acknowledge.

Eventually you excuse yourself and splash your face in the thankfully empty bathroom and take three deep breaths (thanks Mom, but it does not really work) and sneek out to your car, passing concerned faces on the way. You breath-and-sob-and breathe some more. You call your bewildered husband and warn him to tell the girls "Danger, Danger, Mom's a not be afraid when she comes home with sobby face and tears."

Who has time for this really?

I do not know why this "deep crying" happens. There is a full moon. I am possibly, even at 42, ovulating. And my sister is having a tough situation maybe it's long distance empathy. Or the economy sucks, Japan is in chaos and we are probably going to war...again!

For guidance, since it was midnight and my family and friends would not appreciate me asking, "Why do I cry?" i consulted the internet. Here is what I found at ironically would not allow me to copy/paste little tidbits of wisdom, hence the entire website link:

Informative as it is, however, I did not appreciate the practicality of the suggestion to "watch a funny video or read a magazine." Yup, I always have those on hand when I need them most!

Puh-leez! Just let it flow and beg forgiveness the next day. Or watch a Hulu episode of Glee (or substitute your favorite TV show or video).

We are only human after all.