Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The college graduate!
It's been almost 2 months since my last post. A reminder of how busy life can can get sometimes. During this period some life-changing things have occurred. First, my oldest child graduated (with honors and a history degree) from college. His journey through life -- especially adolescence -- has been bumpy at times so this day was a grand celebration even if he now has great trepidation of his next steps. Luckily he has a sweet boyfriend to walk with him in the streets of New York City so that puts Mama at ease.

Other big life changes include my boss of 7 years retiring. Some may think this is not such a big deal but when you work closely with someone for that long it is. He was a mentor and friend and even though his expectations were sometimes way too high, I managed to meet them and grew in my own confidence. That said, here comes the new Sheriff and I am anxious about if I will measure up to her standards or get a long with her. Work has defined who I am for so long and for once I would just like to work, go home and rest...for about a year!

I am looking forward to one big thing...moving to a new home. My husband and I are one of those couples who have looked at lots and open houses for years. We love our little home that we added on to and raised our two kids in but it's like giving birth to a new kid through the design and construction of this house. Pangs of guilt hit me sometimes when terrible things happen in the world or a friend gets cancer and I am finding joy in picking out colors and hardwood floors. But then I am reminded what I have learned from two years of therapy -- I deserve to want, and be happy and find joy. My life's mission is not to make sure everyone else is happy (ok it sort of is, but that's just how I'm wired).

Until then I'm hoping to enjoy a little summertime visiting friends, family and trying to be grateful for every minute of every day. Even when it's crappy. Even when crazy people are shouting at each other on TV and blowing up airports. Even when protesters take over a parade and say mean, awful things (that's another blog).

I just realized I don't have a title for this blog. But I feel better after writing. Now go out there and love yourself people. I'm gonna try. After I dry my hair, eat breakfast and all that morning stuff those in the animal kingdom do not have to worry about. Although maybe they do I guess...grooming, killing their next meal, etc.

OK that's enough rambling voices in my head. STOP! Humans think way too much.