Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year, New Me

It started with a journalist. Nicole Broder from the Seattle Times wrote a column about "Dry January." No alcohol for a whole month. Yes, a whole month. And there was an online Facebook support group to help you on your journey.

This is a habit I'd been wanting to break for awhile and 2011 sounded like a good time to start. I decided to raise the bar and add the long procrastinated yoga classes with it. It was time to stop complaining about how stressed I was, how tired I was and start doing something about it. I was not getting any younger. My job was secure, though demanding.

Sure, the first week was hard. I enjoy my nightly glass of wine but had begun to look forward to it and rely on it a bit too much. Soon, however, I was sleeping better, had more energy at work and really didn't miss it much.

As for yoga, well it was long overdue. I learned to breathe. Listen to my body and discover child's pose. I could stay in that one forever. I made time at work making the class sacred like an appointment with my boss.

So here is February...watching the SuperBowl with the family. I turn 42 this month. Bring it on!

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