Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm sorry Oprah

Getting a smart phone was not very smart...or so I'm learning. Choosing the Droid over an I-phone was stressful enough but more so is the constant nagging I have to check my email (work and personal), or my Facebook, or my texts many, MANY times a day.

My family makes fun of my texts as they are often in another language. Example: "On my way home" could come out like "I am a gnome." Or something.

My husband feels I'm becoming way to intimate with Mr. Blue. I think he's more annoyed with the song I put on for his calls: the sticky sweet addictive country hit, "Stuck on You" by Sugarland.

So this week I am vowing to put the phone aside more even though it is sort of my lifeline to my kids, my peeps and co-workers. The reason it has finally hit home is that I have caught myself texting while operating a motor vehicle which in my state is now illegal and well, just plain stupid. Oprah even says so and has a contract for folks to sign called "No Phone Zone."

I briefly tried to defend myself to my husband with, "Well I'm at a stoplight...does that really count." Yes, it does. It also counts that I have two young kids who will all too soon be drivers themselves and I don't want to set an example for them that could be fatal.

So good bye Mr. Blue. I'm  buddying up with Mr. Blue tooth in case of emergencies otherwise it will just have to wait until the car has come to a complete stop and ignition is off.

Life is just too short to be tied to a phone.


  1. too true. i am looking forward to being home, and feeling less need to always be checking on friends and family far away...I will actually call them!

  2. YEA! I have been after you for years. I love you sis, but your driving skills are not top notch...throw Mr. Blue in there and it's a disaster. Not to mention your car is tiny. I just worry about you. Glad you are giving it up for a bit!