Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My old friend Kelly used to watch American Idol before it was fashionable. I was baffled by her devotion to a TV show until I discovered GLEE!If you are unfamiliar with this Emmy-winning phenomenon, this weekly high school musical comedy with a message is not for the judgemental or close-minded. The main characters are a group of misfit, while sometimes stereotypical, teens who are in their school Glee Club at McKinley High somewhere in Ohio. http://www.fox.com/glee/about/. There is so much to love about the show even if the second season just quite doesn't have the authenticity of the first. After all, they are famous now...on I-tunes, on You Tube, on magazines everywhere and of course, the Emmys. What I truly love best about the show though is that both adults and kids can relate to it. Granted some of the themes are mature, but it has given me a golden opportunity to talk about things with my kids in a non-threatening environment (Oh NO! Here goes Mom again trying to talk about sex...). Boys kissing boys, Girls in love with girls. Boys and girls falling in and out of love. And the songs...I will never forget "Trouty Mouth!" Watch the show or google http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tizlKcSH1A.

Then again, sometimes nothing needs to be said. We just cry and laugh and sing and in the end we all got the same message...that everyone deserves respect, not a cherry slushy in the face. Oh, and that high school is really, really hard but we all survive and move on. Whether a pregnant prom queen wannabe, a dashing rapper in a wheelchair or a tone-deaf dancer, "we're all in this together," to quote a more innocent Disney high school musical theme song.

And Kurt and Burt...you are the father/son duo of the year even if you are....fictional. Thank you Tuesday nights and Hulu for keeping it real.

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