Saturday, May 18, 2013

One of those moments...

  • When you're driving home singing songs from "A Chorus Line" like you own it!
  • You wake up with someone you love and his mouth is slightly open and you see what he might have been like at age 5.
  • Your child gives you an unexpected hug.
  • You belly laugh until tears well with your parents and sister on vacation.
  • A child shows you something he is super proud of he made and you think, "This kid is going to make it!"
  • You and your daughter see a homeless guy with a dog dressed up and a sign that says "We like food." The moment is when you hand him the sack full of a sandwich, bagels, a juice, dog snacks and a bag of dog food and a few bucks and he peers in and says to his dog with a huge smile on his face, "Look at this!" The dog's name was "Shy."
  • A friend who has always been there for you calls unexpectedly to unload and ask for advice. You hope yours is good. You hope she gets what she wants. 
  • You organize over 100  people in a parade after stops and starts and it is fun! 
  • You eat a huge Gyro with fries and don't care about your waistline or calories. 
  • A child does not get abducted and a community rallies. 
  • Your texting buddy checks up on you again...and you are actually fine this time! 
  • Your husband takes you on an unexpected date. 
  • You run into an old friend you have not seen and ages and she hugs you good!
  • Your son gets a letter from Harvard.
  • Your daughter consoles a kid she doesn't know at school who is upset she didn't get picked for a gym class team. 
  • Taylor Swift sings you home.
  • When you've had a really good day and hope there is another one but if not you know you are blessed so far with a really, really good life! 

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