Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Art of Being Alone

Today was Father's Day and since my father lives in Oklahoma (we had a great chat) and my husband is not my father (though I helped make him one) I got the unexpected gift of having today alone. My daughter got swept up in a not-so-voluntary hiking/biking trip with her Dad to Port Townsend, Wash. My son was working a garage sale for a support group. So at 8:30 a.m. I was with just me.

Now I'm not really one traditionally who does alone well. I am that extrovert who knows a lot of people and am a social creature. I love people and I love for them to love me back. I like to listen and comfort and ask questions. But lately I have valued this special time more. When life is crazy and busy working and driving kids to and fro and graduations and recitals and other "stuff" a day to myself was just what the doctor ordered.

For starters I ordered some long overdue photos from Costco. I learned in the process that awesome photos you take on your phone cannot always be enlarged. Whatever. I did it and they look great! I made a poster for my daughter of her and her cousins in Mexico. I have meant to do this for 6 months. Huh? Am I REALLY that busy? Guess so.

Next I took a hot tub. It's getting old and rusty in spots but I still love it.

Then it was off to town for a visit to the bank, the garage sale, Costco (the photo thing) a return at Target, Trader Joes grocery run (had some great socializing there with the amazing employees at TJs who love to chat or at least pretend to) and then it was home.

I then cleaned some more. And made meatloaf for my husband who just walked in.

The thing is, I used to wonder why people would have coffee or dinner by themselves. How could they stand it? Didn't they want to talk to someone?

Now I know.

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