Sunday, September 8, 2013

Slacker time

It's no secret that my husband is the glue who holds our household together. Now that he has been gone for over a week it's even more obvious! I have been eating out every night he's been gone except one. It seems that Taco Bell has really good and seemingly "healthy" food, so Anna and I have been there twice. The verdict is still out on the $5 Little Caesar pizza though.

Alas, the bad role model fashion extends beyond our eating habits, as I've let the house go to hell as well. And I still have to mow the overgrown yard. Now granted this is the first week of school and I'm single Momming it, but still, how old am I that I can't put the folded clothes away after 5 days or pick up my shoes? Oh that's right, 44. Probably more than halfway through my life IF I'm lucky. So is this my mid-life crisis I keep hearing about? Guess I've been too busy to have one until now given some of the challenges my family has been facing in the last few years.

So now what? I already got the red sports car. And last week I announced to the world that I would run a 1/2 marathon next year. Judging by how slow I ran this morning that should be interesting. But after that, then what? In a few wee years Anna will be 18. Hal will be off saving the world and it will be me and Garin again. Travel? Downsize? Peace Corps? Time will tell.

Today, I just thank God for Charlie, my new dog, as he makes me laugh and doesn't care that I've regressed, only that I feed him on time and let him out to potty. That would be nice if all we had to do was eat and potty. But alas, that is why we are human. To feel, to guilt, to love, to cry, to fight, to stress and yes, to pick up after ourselves. So here I go. Really soon. Really....

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