Monday, May 2, 2016

No means....YES?

Well I have to admit the first week of intentionally trying to say "No" more has been a mixed bust.

No is a slippery slope because if you get in the habit you may say No to things you enjoy or that make you feel better, like a morning run or a walk with a friend.

Yesterday I took my foreign exchange daughter to a glass blowing class with some other kids from her group. It was a beautiful day outside -- where I had hoped to be -- but it ended up being quite interesting. Who knew making a glass could be such a process and art? I also enjoyed talking to kids from all over the world -- Belgium, Ukraine..and my girl from Kazakhstan. The thing they like least about American schools? Kids making out in the halls and grinding at dances. The thing they like best? The people and...wait for it...WALMART!

Today I'm going to have to find that balance of Yes and NO because it's Monday. I know exercise needs to be a YES even though I want to often say NO. Beyond that...we'll see how it goes.

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